Digital sales basically mean selling through digital media - that is without seeing the customer directly (may or may not be through video conference). Though you can group e-commerce sites (such as Amazon, eBay, etc.) also under this category, this term is more applicable to B2B (business to business) cases.

In Digital Sales, you offer things like Webinar and Presentations downloadable from some common places and invariably the product is a software. This method can commonly be called as digital marketing. We can also simply say that digital sales is an earning revenue from providing advertising space on online platforms be it websites, blogs, social media platforms, digital magazines, and any other digital properties.

For sales professionals and organizations alike, digital selling is emerging as a new and increasingly exciting concept. As the father of social selling (in the sense that social selling makes up just one piece of the overall digital sales process pie), digital selling has the enormous potential to transform a team or organization into a lean, mean selling machine.